Known as otolaryngologists, our ear, nose and throat specialists diagnose and treat a broad range of conditions in adults and children. Below is information on key ENT conditions we treat, followed by ENT services we offer.

Conditions We Treat

If ailments or damage to the mouth, throat or esophagus cause difficulty in swallowing, our ENT specialists will find the best treatment option for you from among special exercises, dietary changes, or prescription medications.

The best treatment for your hearing loss may be medicine, surgery, or hearing aids, depending on the cause. Your Meadows Health ENT specialist will expertly diagnose your hearing loss to ensure that the chosen treatment is the right one for you.

Because they are often related to problems with the inner ear, vertigo (dizziness) and balance disorders are among the conditions our ENT specialists can help.

We diagnose and treat a wide variety of causes for nasal obstruction and congestion. If your chronic nasal congestion or pain is the result of benign tumors (polyps) in your nasal passage, we’ll treat the underlying cause (allergies, infection), then remove the polyps using endoscopy.

We help recognize symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, which causes some patients to temporarily stop breathing while asleep. Then we find the best option to treat this condition, usually a continuous positive-air pressure device (CPAP).

If you are suffering from sinusitis (inflammation of a nasal sinus), initial treatment may include antibiotics, steroids and irrigation. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended.

Our Services

Small plastic tubes are surgically placed across ear drums to provide proper ventilation and help prevent infections.

A new procedure recently approved by the FDA provides a new option to patients suffering from Eustachian tube problems. Meadows Health ENT specialists are trained and experienced in this procedure, called the ACCLARENT AERATM Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation System. Learn more.

We monitor and treat a perforated eardrum until resolution. If the eardrum does not heal on its own, we repair it through tympanoplasty.

These are two common surgical procedures, especially in children, to aid in the prevention of frequent sore throats and ear infections. Learn more.

This minimally invasive, outpatient procedure uses a catheter to insert and inflate a tiny balloon, opening blocked paths so sinuses can drain properly. Learn more.

An endoscope is a small instrument that can be used to diagnose and treat internal conditions of the nose, sinuses and throat, such as nasal polyps. Learn more.

This nasal surgery is most often used to straighten a deviated septum, which causes nasal passages to become crooked and restrict breathing. It can dramatically improve breathing, and usually takes just an hour to perform.

A thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure used to help treat overactive thyroids, thyroid cancer and non-cancerous enlargements of the thyroid. A parathyroidectomy is used to remove enlarged parathyroid glands. Learn more.

If a mass develops on the parotid gland, the largest of the mouth’s salivary glands, it needs to be removed. Parotidectomy patients typically return home on the same day as the procedure.

If you have a lump or mass in your neck, throat or face, having it evaluated is critical. Our doctors use high-tech imaging and biopsies to determine the nature of the mass and decide what treatment will be needed. For cancerous tumors, we team up with the cancer specialists at Meadows Health's Tommy and Shirley Strickland Cancer Center. You'll receive advanced treatment and all the benefits of this multidisciplinary approach. Learn more.

Meadows Health Ear, Nose and Throat currently offers two innovative stent implant procedures designed to help those who suffer from chronic sinusitis or recurring nasal polyps. Learn more.