What is head and neck tumor surgery?

Tumors can occur in numerous locations within the head and neck area, including the skin, salivary glands, mouth and voice box. Surgery is performed to remove these tumors.

When is head and neck tumor surgery recommended?

Meadows Health Ear, Nose and Throat specialists use high-tech imaging and biopsies to determine the nature of any tumors or masses to determine if treatment is needed, and if so, if surgery is the best option.

What is the procedure for head and neck tumor surgery?

To perform head and neck tumor surgery, the patient is placed under general anesthesia, meaning he or she is unaware as the procedure is being performed. The tumors and any diseased surrounding tissue is surgically removed.

What are the results of head and neck tumor surgery?

As with many surgeries, the patient will spend some time in the hospital, then recuperate at home. Depending on what (if any) head and neck organs were affected by the tumor, various ongoing treatments may be recommended.