What is a sinus stent?

Sinus surgery has come a long way from sinus surgeries of the past that included gauze packing, painful swelling and long recovery periods.

Today’s advances now feature endoscopic procedures without external incisions and may also include a sinus stent, or a medical implant, designed to further aid in a patient’s recovery and improve their long-term health.

When is a sinus stent recommended?

For adults suffering from debilitating chronic sinusitis, your sinus specialist may recommend PROPEL® Sinus Stent as a post-operative treatment.

For adults who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery and are recovering from recurring sinus polyps that are blocking the sinuses, your physician may recommend another innovative sinus stent called SINUVA™.

What is the procedure for sinus stents?

The specially designed PROPEL implant is inserted through the nasal opening after surgery. It’s spring-like design props open the sinus and helps maintain the opening to keep it from becoming blocked. It then delivers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the healing tissue over a 30-day period. This helps to reduce inflammation and polyp growth. As the sinus heals, PROPEL then dissolves within 45 days.

For those who have had surgery but require treatment for recurring polyps, the SINUVA stent can be placed during a routine office visit and doesn’t require a trip to the operating room. SINUVA also delivers an anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus tissue or polyps. Once the polyps have decreased, SINUVA can be removed at 90 days or earlier at the doctor’s discretion.

Patients who have had either PROPEL or SINUVA usually cannot feel the implants due to their lightweight design.

What are the results of a sinus stents?

A sinus stent, whether used in conjunctive with surgery or added as an outpatient procedure, has helped many patients to breathe easily and return to normal activity within a few days.

PROPEL decreases post-operative scarring and inflammation, reducing the need for additional surgical procedures as well as oral steroids and their potential side effects.

SINUVA has been shown to significantly reduce nasal congestion and nasal polyps and improve patients’ impaired sense of smell.

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