Mary Ellen Tapley

Sinus Surgery
Vidalia, GA

Mary Ellen Tapley was hospitalized for three days when her sinus issues were at their worst. She was referred to Dr. Wayne Williams at Meadows Health Ear, Nose and Throat by her pulmonologist. After sinus surgery, three weeks post-op Mary Ellen was doing GREAT!

“Dr. Williams and his staff were wonderful. They were more than nice. Everybody was so good to me,” Mary Ellen said.

“Now my breathing is better. I am not in any pain, and I have slept well.”

When asked if she would change anything, Mary Ellen said “I should have had surgery sooner!” When asked about her quality of life since surgery she said “Honey, I haven’t been ailing since!”

Ricky Spell

Thyroid Surgery
Hazlehurst, GA

Ricky Spell underwent a CT which showed a mass on his thyroid which needed to be removed.

He works in Atlanta but is a native of Hazlehurst, Georgia. Family members in Hazlehurst told him about Meadows Health Ear, Nose and Throat. Ricky had heard great things about Dr. Johnson and Dr. Williams, so he chose Meadows Regional Medical Center for his thyroid surgery.

“Dr. Williams wasn’t like a doctor. He was like my best bud,” said Ricky. He said that Dr. Williams didn’t speak above his head; he was easy to understand.

“I would recommend Dr. Johnson and Dr. Williams to anyone,” said Ricky. “They have a class act here. They put me at ease.”

When asked about the hospital Ricky said: “They were just excellent. If I needed anything, they were there momentarily. The hospital is not a Cadillac, but a Mercedes!”